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Finding a Good Husband: How to Find A Good Man For Dating and Marriage

Believe it or not there is no shortage of marriageable men in the world to date. It simply is not true that all desirable, handsome and intelligent men are married and no longer dating. If you want to be married get that negative programming about finding a husband out of your head immediately.

There is a well-kept secret about finding a good husband that a lot of women are not aware of. The best places to meet a man may surprise you. It involves taking a good hard look at yourself and finding out what your core interests are and list them in detail on your online dating service profile.

Go to places and dating profiles where your unique interests are featured and shine! Take classes, join groups and visit the places that you are interested in. This will give you a better chance of finding a good husband, a compatible mate that will be as close to perfect as you are likely to find in an imperfect world. To find a good husband, work on becoming a good future wife, improve yourself, visit interesting places, build a mature, reliable set of character traits and competencies. Also some places for dating anyone who peaks your interest at your favorite online dating service can be the very places that interest and refine you. To find and attract an interesting husband, you need to be or become an interesting woman.

Some women turn off every man in the vicinity by acting as though they don't want one. Doing that only defeats your purpose. You don't want to go around wearing a sign that says "Hands Off." One of the greatest dating mistakes you can make is playing too hard to get. It labels you as a "Man Hater" with issues.

Finding a good husband starts with dating and marriage wisdom.If you have your eye on a certain man, either online or in person, don't be afraid to be friendly to him when you see him or contact him online. That's right, if he is online, don’t be afraid to contact him first. Make your initial message to him brief, friendly and open to the possibilities. And don’t forget to attach your smiling photo, men are visual creatures after all.

Pay him a sincere compliment. Men love positive attention just as much as women. Or ask him to suggest a few solutions to some mechanical problem. Many men love to solve problems. Or ask him something about sports or business strategy. Strategizing is something men find quite enjoyable even if it involves playing sports vicariously as a mere spectator. Take your conversation-starter clues from a careful study of everything you can learn about him by talking to others, observation and of course, reading his online dating profile.

The next time you see him, in person or via webcam chat, in the brightest way possible, smile and say "Hello." It's a rare man who won't say "Hello" right back. You have now opened the door for two-way conversation; which is step one of many tiny little dating steps, leading to that "BIG STEP" into marriage.

You have met a man that you find attractive and are interested in dating and knowing better. Do you begin by chasing him right away? Not on your life, or that's just what you will do. Don't try too hard. The first step is to attract his attention without him noticing it. Remember winning his love won't happen overnight. Be in it for the long run. Start slowly by simply being friendly for a few months. Sooner or later, if he's interested, you will know it. He will ask you out and maybe even start the process of casual dating on a regular basis.

In the meantime learn all you can about his likes and dislikes. Men like attention. A lot of women are simply too self-centered to give it to them. To find a good husband, be or at least become the type of woman who spends time listening to a man. Don't spend a lot of time talking about yourself and your problems. Save that baggage for when you are seriously dating or even engaged or married.

Don't use sex to trap a man.

Sex is like a hot fudge sundae, no matter how much you love it, if you have one every day you soon want to try something else. That's human nature. Wearing a sign that says "Help Yourself" defeats your purpose if your goal is to find a good husband and get married. Consider the dating and marriage rule for intimacy. Only have sex with a man after you have dated him for at least a year, gone through pre-marital counseling and actually earned your “Mrs. Degree” by walking down the aisle and saying “I do.” Most of us have heard this saying about sex and marriage: “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.” So make him marry you before having sex. Even in our permissive society "good" men still value "good" women. Dating a man that thinks to himself that perhaps you sleep with every man you meet on the first date will end in heartache. That's not the way your future husband likes to think about his prospective wife. So don’t give the milk away unless he is willing to buy the cow first!

Lighten up and don't chase men.

You want a man who wants to be with you because he loves you. Some women make the mistake of thinking that if they don't call a man every few hours he will forget about them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Men are hunters and they appreciate a good hunt. Let him call you first. Nothing says "I Am Desperate" more than constantly calling a man. Dating the desperate is not exactly something that turns men on enough for them to bend one knee and offer up an engagement ring. Finding a good husband takes time and patience.

If you want to find a good husband you can. You simply have to be willing to do what it takes to make him think he is chasing you. It is the only method that assures lasting success. Make yourself as attractive as you can be and then simply put the bait in front of him. Don't try too hard. Being friendly and then moving on will do the trick. This method will soon have a man looking forward to the bright spot in his schedule, dating you.

If he has not called you or asked you out for coffee, after several months of friendly conversation, he may not be available. Even in online dating there are lulls. Don't get discouraged. You don't want anyone who is not sold on you 100%. Remain friendly to “Mr. Taken,” but take it for what it is, and move on to better dating prospects. There are plenty of attractive dating prospects online if you cannot find any men locally. And do not totally give up on “Mr. Taken.” Life is all about change. So “Mr. Taken” may actually become available in the future and think of friendly you.

Men seek affirmation that they are wonderful. They want to be around a woman who "gets them" and makes them feel good about themselves. What a man really wants in dating and marriage is a woman who validates him. A woman who learns the secret of making a man feel really great in her presence never lacks for dates. This is also a golden key to finding a good husband.

Men like a pretty woman on their arm. The problem with that is that type of admiration from other men doesn't last. If he is simply dating a "Barbie" for other men's jealousy it soon leaves him feeling empty.

The key to dating and winning a husband is to be that one single woman that a man feels appreciates him just the way he is. Be friendly, be kind, and be strong. Those rare qualities will win you a great husband. Sweetness attracts men and love holds them.

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